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Reviews published in greek and international media sources.

Andres Segovia, Granada (12/9/1970)
"I believe that E. Boudounis is characterized by a technical maturity which is going to make his guitar career thrive in the near future."

Eleftherotipia - Giorgos Papadakis (26/10/2005)
"The Two Guitars (E. Boudounis, Maro Razi) reserve expressional surprises which always constitute the main part of each performance."

I Epochi - Ant. Boskoitis (23/10/2005)
"After such an audience you certainly feel more fulfilled."

Difono - Nikos Moraitis (April 1999)
"The guitar in E. Boudounis' hands becomes a complete orchestra."

Eleftherotipia - Labros Liavas (14/4/1999)
"The Guitar Duet's sound was uniformly united expressing colorful music and maintaining careful dynamics. It was a well made result."

Difono - Giorgos Monemvasitis (1998)
"All his music fans attending the music festival became earwitnesses of a magnificent performance."

Difono - Vassilis Aggelikopoulos (April 1996)
"Two Lyric Guitars (E. Boudounis, Maro Razi) speak to each other with affection reaching the limits of genuine emotional epxression."

Eleftherotipia - Giorgos Monemvasitis (26/2/1993)
"E. Boudounis as a guitarist assisted in an authentic music expression in a really convenient way."

Mesimvrini - Stefanos Vassileiadis (1985)
"E. Boudounis, in a worldwide level, is considered to be equivalent to the greatest guitarists."

The Gazette - Eric McLean Montreal (26/2/1980)
"I cannot recall another guitarist who has given me such a sense of discovery since A. Segovia in his prime. He has one of the cleanest techniques i have ever heard."

Kathimerini (8/3/1979)
"E. Boudounis proved us the great benefit of his art: A diabolic technique for an angelic and balanced music expression."

Kathimerini - Keti Romanou (8/3/1977)
"It appears to be a mystery to me that in our day and age there are musicians characterized by such an emotional maturity, expressing themselves in clarity and balance."

Feuilleton (22/11/1976)
"E. Boudounis, student of the great A. Segovia and awarded with three top international awards, by appearing in Germany for the first time came to be a great revelation during the Sunday morning concert in Burgerpark. His name shall never be forgottten."

Estittirlap - S.I. (15/8/1975)
"... E. Boudounis' guitar is managed by a genuine artist. Estergom's audience in Hungary was more than pleased to come in touch with an excellent musician - maybe with a new Segovia."

Kathimerini - Keti Romanou (1/6/1975)
"E. Boudounis as a guitarist is an absolute master of his technique with rich and cultured fantasy. He has clearly perceived every expression detail and he excellently reproduced the fascinating atmosphere of Villa Lobos preludes."

Ta Nea - Giorgos Leotsakos (23/3/1972)
"The recent Festival of E. Boudounis was one of the most rare light beams lightening our music life. During all his works he seemed to use the guitar chords with a charming fantasy, giving the impression of a great pluralism. E. Boudounis produced colorful music with a fine sense of creativity, not only period by period but also phrase by phrase, and furthermore, pattern by pattern, note by note..."

Athens News - Fivos Anoigeianakis (19/5/1971)
"...E. Boudounis' reading in the guitar concert of Castelnuovo-Tedesco was characterized by such a maturity that it could challenge the rivalry of the greatest artists. His reading had a certain technique, wonderful paths to orchestra dialogue and impressive sound colors."

La Revue du Liban - (5/3/1971)
"We had never before in Beirut the chance to listen to a great guitarist such as E. Boudounis. The audience came in touch with a unique and promising musician."

L'Orient - .Henri Mainguy (1/3/1971)
"An infinite sensitivity which remind us Lagoya is wonderfully combined with a sound purity which was the main characteristic of Segovias' Technique. It is also engaged with the phonemic perfection of the great Narciso Yepes.
E. Boudounis' perfect technique makes him one of our strongest hopes in the field of classic guitar... "

I Vradini - Alexandra Lalaouni (12/11/1970)
"E. Boudounis performed in Parnassos generating admiration because of his perfect technique, his wonderful and colorful sound, and the perfect balance between emotion and logic in every aspect of his reading. "

Ta Nea - Giorgos Leotsakos (7/11/1970)
"The absolute clarity of his technique and his enjoyable utterance are serving a deep music sensitivity which is expressed through the whole poetry of his age. This sensitivity is the main source from which the insight of his reading derives..."

Ta Simerina - Ant. K. Lavdas (19/2/1970)
"It is the case of a music researcher, who thoughtfully enters music's substance. Furthermore, he well knows how to transmit to the auditor the whole seriousness of his thoughtful expression... "

I Vradini - Alexandra Lalaouni (1/11/1968)
"We are undoubtedly talking about a charismatic person, about a divine fire which suddenly bursts in the soul of the "chosen ones"..."







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