Tell it with a guitar [LYRA]

E. Boudounis

FOR MANY YEARS my relationship with rock music and popular songs was tentative, as I was afraid I would be sidetracked from my true vocation as a classical guitarist. When I realized that the classical guitar is a popular instrument everything fell into place. The problem was that, to the best of my knowledge, nobody had written rock music for the classical guitar, so I decided to try my hand at composing.

Whenever I felt in the mood I would improvise for hours, knowing I was free to write purely for my own pleasure. The first side of this record is a selection of my favorite pieces. I am not sure if they can be called rock music and maybe it's better not to try to label them. The one thing I am sure about is that they have a special kind of rythm. The eleven songs on Side have been arranged for two guitars by Len Williams. I decided to play both parts but trying to make myself agree with myself proved more difficult than I could have ever anticipated and is something which I am in no hurry to repeat. And if anyone ever tells you that "the only thing better than one guitar is perhaps two", don't believe them unless they mean two guitarists.

I dedicate On the Rocks No 5, Out of the Blue and the 9 Summaries to my friend Hercules Petsalas who was the first to hear them. I would like to thank Costas Pricopoulos for the recording and Athena Moss for designing the cover.








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