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Live at the Odeon of Herod

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A totally new sound was heard at the Odeon of Herod Athens (for the first time, not only in this place but also in Greece). It was undoubtedly an experiment, and it was a risky one.

The Guitar is not an orchestral instrument and guitarists are not used in playing together. Adding to that the difficulty of tuning and winding up, this project seemed impossible. Nevertheless, the idea of creating a guitar orchestra has been occupying my mind for many years. My first attempt was made in the summer of 1984, during the first guitar seminar that took place in Rethymno.

This attempt was supported by Manos Hadjidakis and it was he who conducted the orchestra's first concert- and that encouraged me and gave me strength to move on and establish this project. The greatest problem in this project turned to be the lack of a suitable repertoire that would set off the beauty of this new sound.

As e result, i composed new tracks especially for these "guitarists" and i arranged well known tracks based on the work of Manos Hadjidakis.

I would like to thank Eros Music and especially Manos Mavroudis who had the idea of recording and releasing in a cd this concert.

Evangelos Boudounis


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